The language of rain

It will come to an end, trust me, we all have been through these days.. Or weeks, or even months, of rain!

The room must feel much smaller, as the rain hammering the windows, you are feeling every tap, a thousand tap, as it is some relentless drumming.

Those rainy days of darkness and grief, will come to an end, trust me.

It may diminishes the sunlight and you may be wondering how is something so colorless can make the cloud so dark, you feel this unusual sensation as the the rain is pressing against the windows, aching to come in.

But with all the rain we have had through our lives, we’ve learnt that it will always come to an end, and while you are in the rainy season you need to keep your mind focused on the future and think about what needs to be cleaned or washed away, because no matter what, rain always washes away the grime and those deep layers of dirt.

Trust me, it will come to an end.

When going through tough times, rainy dark days, don’t forget that rain, enables life, it is needed to make plants grow, and When looking out of the window at another downpour think of how you can make a better version of yourself because that’s the cycle of life, switch things up! Challenge negative thoughts running through your head, switch the polarity around and focus your thought energy on what you do well, rather than what you don’t, because life is short, stop worrying, focus on what brings you joy and live to the fullest, because again, it will come to an end, trust me.



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